My path to Yoga

I got to know yoga by chance in 2006. At that time, I was just starting my training as a commercial employee and knew little about yoga. The success after the first lesson was great and I was immediately hooked. I knew that yoga would have a permanent place in my life from that point on. But how much of an impact it will have on me, I had no idea. I was fascinated how my monkey mind could relax during this 90 minute lesson and that I didn't think about anything but my body. My weekly yoga lessons were the ideal counterpart to the bootcamp sessions or trainings in the fitness center I took.

In 2014 I quit my job. I went on a trip to Asia with a backpack and the aim of finding the answer to what else I wanted to achieve in life. I got to know many countries and cultures, but my life plans didn't really develop any further. So after three months I returned without a plan.

In 2015 I was persuaded to take a yoga retreat. This would do me good, they said. Personally, however, I was concerned that two yoga classes a day would weaken me rather than strengthen me. But! This week was fantastic! An idea was born.

In 2016, I devoted myself intensively to the world of yoga with a teacher training. The more I immersed myself, the more I realized that yoga is not just standing on the mat and moving from pose to pose.

Yoga has made me more mindful and alert. I live my life more consciously, stand completely behind what I do and say and I can accept things much better. Yoga doesn't just take place on the mat - it is always present.

In the end, it was yoga that helped me to find out what I still want to achieve in my life.


Agnesstrasse 6
8004 Zürich

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